Vixen - Art by Shane Pilster • Do What We Love
Shane Pilster is an artist, muralist, curator, graphic designer and web developer. Bridging his expertise in graffiti and urban arts with community involvement, he prides himself in also being an educator, advocate, mentor and well-rounded creative individual.
artist, muralist, curator, graphic design, web design, design, graffiti, urban arts, community, educator, creative
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Though a studied graffiti artist in lettering and muralism, this is Shane Pilster’s freshman show debuting only canvas works that constitute no lettering. In this new body of work, Shane has broken out of his fear of the human form and embraced its complexities.

“This is a study of light, color, texture, and form… I wanted to create something that was unique, in a world that has seen a billion portraits before.”

Created on-site with only spray paint at the new gallery space for KSD & The Radio Room in Homestead, PA, these pieces have been an eye-opening experience for Shane as his first serious venture into the gallery world.


A special thank you to gallery co-owner Douglas Lopretto, fellow artist Max Gonzales, Chuck Sweeny, and the many others who have given words of encouragement for the support and assistance in making this show a reality.