Carrie Furnace Graffiti Project

Working with Rivers of Steel, Shane Pilster is the liaison for artists to paint at the site legally and a guide for the Urban Art Tours & Workshops at Carrie Furnace.

The National Historic Landmark Carrie Furnaces were active blast furnaces from 1907 – 1978 and supplied the iron that was made into steel at the Carnegie Steel/USS Homestead Steel Works. After the plant’s closure, a number of artists and urban explorers began to venture into the site. Late 2012 and into 2013, Shane Pilster began working with Rivers of Steel (a regional non-profit and managers of the site) to help preserve many of the existing works of art done by some of the East Coast’s best street artists. With the help of Rivers of Steel, he has worked to establish legal areas for the artists to come back to produce new works. This relationship has also led to the creation of Urban Art Tours & Graffiti Workshops for the public, and educational institutions which currently by appointment only. Please inquire with Stacy Drane at Rivers of Steel about arranging a tour.

Check out the Rivers of Steel site for more information about the furnace itself.

Visit Shane’s site,, for other work and projects he is apart of.

Looking for some idea of what the tours cover, videos / photos of other graffiti, resources, or just some general Inspiration? Check out the Inspiration page for all the above.