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Shane Pilster is an artist, muralist, curator, graphic designer and web developer. Bridging his expertise in graffiti and urban arts with community involvement, he prides himself in also being an educator, advocate, mentor and well-rounded creative individual.
artist, muralist, curator, graphic design, web design, design, graffiti, urban arts, community, educator, creative
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Dick’s Sporting Goods

About This Project

In May of 2021, we completed a Back To School mural for Dick’s Sporting Goods that was on display in most of their 900+ stores during the campaign. The mural consisted of a 54’x9′ design, a separate 8’x4′ design, and a stencil painted in a parking lot at a separate location. All were painted entirely with spray paint. 232 Creative did an amazing job documenting the entire process, supplying the second location, and compiling a time-lapse video of the large wall being painted. The large mural was painted on location at the Carrie Blast Furnaces via Rivers of Steel.

Art, Business, Commercial Murals