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Shane Pilster is an artist, muralist, curator, graphic designer and web developer. Bridging his expertise in graffiti and urban arts with community involvement, he prides himself in also being an educator, advocate, mentor and well-rounded creative individual.
artist, muralist, curator, graphic design, web design, design, graffiti, urban arts, community, educator, creative
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Looking for a mural, design, illustration, live painting at an event, or have a creative idea that you want to run by us? Please contact us through the form, via email, Instagram, or on Facebook!


    1. The client provides photos and dimensions of the mural wall(s) along with any information and photos for content. We have worked with everyone from homeowners, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, international corporations, sports teams, marketing teams, and everyone in between. There is no project too large or small that we would not consider. So the more information we have, the better! 
    2. Client and Artists decide on a design concept, total square footage, project timeline, and rate. A contract may be drafted at this time.
    3. Our preferred rate is $20-25 a square foot. This includes most costs: design, mock-up, 2-3 revisions, painting, prep materials, spray paint, clear coating, liability insurance, etc. This does not include lift rentals or specialized costs such as large laser cut stencils. Our rate is based on our region and does not include airfare or hotels.We work based on a client’s budget and can be flexible
    4. Artists draft 2-3 digital mockups and send it to the client for approval. We will make any revisions requested; however, a complete redesign or “new direction” will incur additional costs. Mockups are primarily for the client to understand the layout and content as the final product will always look more professional and cohesive.Examples of mock-ups of the final product are here:
    5. A start date is selected. Typically projects will take us 1-2 days or 3-5 days for medium to large walls. On occasion, projects may take longer due to weather, the size of the wall, etc. We are always in direct communication with our clients about any changes to the timeline, and we also typically send progress shots, take video or time-lapse, and anything else that may arise so our client is in the know at all times.If the wall is interior; we use painter’s tape, plastic drop cloths, ventilators, and any other protective measures. We pride ourselves in leaving the space as it was before our painting. We are also comfortable working around construction crews or in highly public spaces; if there is an oddity about your space then don’t hesitate to ask! Chances are we have dealt with a similar situation already.To view some of our scaffolding, interior setup, lift use, and other preparations:
    6. Upon the completion of the painting, the artists will be paid in full by the client. The client may put down a deposit of 50% prior to any painting if preferred. Any requests to amend the mural requiring a significant amount of labor or requiring the artists to return for an additional day will incur extra costs. These prices are on a per-project basis and will be discussed before completing said changes.
    7. Rejoice, a ribbon cutting, or just a high five! The project is completed. We share any photos and videos with our clients for social media use, unless specified otherwise.
    8. We also have created programs and organizations based on graffiti education. Whether that is the history, a workshop, a panel discussion, a multi-session class, or a lecture. We are always interested in giving back to the community, engaging in spray paint events, educating on and participating in anything to do with graffiti culture, traveling for any endeavors, teaching teachers/students/other educators, and working with anyone who is doing something positive for the community. Please feel free to inquire about any of the above or whatever your heart desires!